[09-Jan] Intergration – Google Analytics and Salesforce Marekting Cloud

Following to my catch-up with our new Head of CRM today, I share my thoughts and what I read for the integration between Google Analytics (GA) and Salesforce Marketing cloud (SFMC). This integration will be beneficial for CRM team to connect the dots and get more insights. The thing I want to find out is what the advantages we Digital team could take from this integration (will share them when I find the answers).

  1. What are the benefits?
  • One of the big challenges with email marketing tools has been the lack of insight into site behaviours. The integration could help understand the performance of your email campaigns in the context of users’ website behaviours: Create Integration Dashboard in SFMC connecting Goal completion/Site usage on GA to your Email performance.
  • Unify users across two systems and streamline campaign tagging: Marketing Cloud Subscriber ID will be appended as a URL parameter to all links in your messages sent from Marketing Cloud. Google then maps that alongside their Client ID to unite all of the data -> so SFMC could know the activities subscribers have done on the site.
  • We can set up segments on Google Analytics based on audiences’ behaviour on our site to get an audience list to do specific targeting campaigns (like send lists to Google Adwords to do retargeting). After integration, the list can be sent to SFMC.
  1. What are the requirements for the integration?
  • Google Analytics 360 (Yes, we are using GA 360)
  • Edit permission for the Analytics property for initial link setup and audience publishing (Yes, I have GA admin access)
  • Administrator permission in Marketing Cloud for initial link setup (Pending, I don’t have SFMC admin access)
  • Google Analytics 360 Integration for Marketing Cloud configured in Marketing Cloud (Pending, will need some help for the tracking configuration on SFMC Details)
  • Marketing Cloud Journey Builder (Pending to confirm, I think we have already got this)
  1. Suggestions for further actions:
  • Before we agree on integration, there is a post suggesting “you’ll ask your Salesforce support representative to discuss pricing to enable the Salesforce/GA360 integration for your account”, so we should get the confirmation from Salesforce support representative. As far as I see the integration guidance on GA and SFMC, they don’t state any extra cost required for activating this integration if we already meet the requirements.  
  • If we meet all requirements, we could do a trial on one site. If everything goes fine, then we could roll out the integration for all sites.
  1. Reference:

Above is the email that I sent to our CRM team. If they agree on proceeding this integration, I will share my experience. Thank you!

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